Call For Papers

Dear Colleagues,

    Throughout history, epidemicshave decimated human populations and transformed societies with abrupt impacts on the demographic, cultural, political, scientific, economic, and military structuresconcerningeven the next generations as well as their direct victims. So impactful, a retrospective glance at themsincethe distant pastcan conclude“Epidemics shape history”. Epidemics, which used to tend to follow military movements, now spread into broader territories at a greater speed, constituting pandemics affecting all countries. Thegreat technological advances of the last decadesareboth promising and threatening, with their dual potential to offersolutionsand fuel the transmissions.
    Since late 2019, the alarming situation of the COVID-19 pandemic has topped the global agenda and tested societies’approaches to dealing with the related issues of ethics, law, economics, politics, technology, culture and cultural identity, health and education systems, religious and family life, and international relations, as was the case in previouspandemics.
    Organized with the cooperation of the Dicle University, the Istanbul University in Diyarbakır, the Society of Medical Ethics, Medical Law, and Medical History, and the Municipality of Sur our international conference is aimed at improving the lives of individuals and societies by taking lessons from all minor and major epidemics at home and abroad, through inspection from historical, ethical, legal, and media perspectives.
    The official languages of the conference are Turkish, English,and German. The abstractssubmitted should be written in English and German. The full texts of the accepted papers will be published asConference Proceedings with ISBN.
    We invite you to join uson 13–15 October 2022 at the venue of the beautiful city of Diyarbakır, where civilizationshave flourished one after another.
Conference President
Prof. Dr. Arın Namal
Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University
President of the Society of Medical Ethics, Medical Law, and Medical History

Organizing Committee Chair
Lecturer Burak Kazan, PhD
Dicle University
Squares from Diyarbakır

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